World Cup Metrics Predict Outcomes

This years FIFA World Cup is heading into the quarter finals (the final 8) this weekend. So far, the 2014 World Cup has created more fan excitement than ever, especially in North America. This world cup has seen lots more goals scored (averaging 2.8 goals per game vs. 2.3 in 2010). There are lots of great statistics in football (like all sports) ball possession, shots, shots on goal, distance run, penalties, etc.
Much like in business, if you watch your metrics, compare to the norms, look for trends, take action to improve key numbers where you think you need to improve, and take appropriate action, well, you will come out on top.
Most organizations or business owners, don’t set targets, don’t set up metrics to measure, at most they look at their final numbers, income for the year, how much money is in the bank, or what projects got completed. But what should have they worked on, could they have made more income, if you have targets, metrics set up to measure them and the right metrics created so you understand what is happening and what needs to be done to improve things, You will obviously do better than someone who just sits by and waits to see what happens.
What would you call professional sports team doesn’t track their performance and have a coach who makes changes along the way when the game plan is not delivering the targeted numbers. That would be your rec team or your beer league, not a professional team. So is your business a professional business or a hobby? The good news is you get to choose.
Oh and if the metrics tell the story, Brazil will win the world cup according to most experts. So I guess now it all lies on their coaching staff and players to watch the numbers and make the adjustments needed to win.
Enjoy the world cup and keep your business a professional one and not a hobby.

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