Service Offerings


BricConsulting helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses using strategic and tactical solutions, methodologies and tools to drive sales and manage costs to take businesses to the next level. Here are examples of the services we offer. 


For executives and their teams, customized packages to suit your needs and affordable for anyone

Sales 2B Lead Generation Services:
BricConsulting helps businesses align sales and marketing into one process by integrating newer digital marketing strategies and combining them with traditional sales techniques – The result is a streamlined effective process. Spend less time and money and create greater success. BricConsulting will do the lead generation on your behalf for less cost than you are currently spending on marketing, networking, cold calling, emailing, etc to produce leads. Spend your time pitching your proposal for your goods and services and negotiating those closes, not hunting down leads.

Project Work:

BricConsulting offers project work and consulting services by the hour, by the project, or for specific outcomes to deliver hands on results and knowledge transfer to the business

Outsoucing Management:

BricConsulting will actively manage your team at a very cost effective level versus hiring a full-time manager or versus having another manager take the role part-time. This is extremely effective if you have less than 10 team members.