Service Offerings


BricConsulting helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses using strategic and tactical solutions, methodologies and tools to drive sales and manage costs to take businesses to the next level. Here are examples of the services we offer. 


Teaching businesses sales skills, processes and technology ensure life long practices are established within the business

Peer Advisory Groups:

Brian has been asked by T.E.C. Canada (The Executive Committee Ltd.) to build and facilitate a private peer advisory group in the Greater Toronto Area for small businesses. For more information contact


BricConsulting will offer management consulting services by the hour, by the project, or for specific outcomes to deliver hands on results and knowledge transfer to the business

Outsoucing Sales Management:

BricConsulting will take over the management of your sales team at a very cost effective level versus hiring a full-time manager or versus having another manager take the role part-time. This is extremely effective if you have less than 10 sales representative.