Business Cases

Case Studies

The following case studies highlight how BricConsulting delivers results


The owner/ operator of a professional services firm to reduce their hours but take advantage of growth opportunities. Seems impossible – we made it work.

  • SITUATION: Growth opportunities were available, but the owner was already working more hours than she wanted to.
  • ACTION: Changed the delivery model of the services to continue to meet regulations, yet meet our requirements of fewer hours and a new growth model that included opening a second location.

  • RESULTS: Increased revenues by 25% within 6 months and decreased the owners hours to 35 hours and established a new delivery model that will accomodate future growth as well.


    The owner of a food service firm was growing the business by increasing volumes but had low profit margins

  • SITUATION: Low profit margins of a healthy growing business. The sales team was experienced but their compensation package was simply a percentage of each sale. It is very risky to grow a business that has low margins, because if margins fall, you put yourself out of business faster.
  • ACTION: We started with completing a customer profile exercise to understand which customers made profit, redefined the compensation package to include a percentage of profit, and a new sales process to improve close rates. We also improved the product offering by creating a feedback loop between sales and operations.

  • RESULTS: We tripled revenues, doubled volumes, increased profit margins from the single digits to 30% level and took over the first place in market share.


    A professional services firm was experiencing a slow decline in revenues with a long standing client base. They wanted to increase revenues and leverage the business assets they already had.

  • SITUATION: They wanted to increase revenues and leverage the business assets they already had. Their long standing client had been slowly reducing their purchase of services.

  • ACTION: Reviewed customer service information and discovered a potential unfilled customer need, based on the questions being asked. We explored with the clients the need and the offering they would pay for. Then developed a product offering to meet their needs, that the firm could deliver at a profit.

  • RESULTS: We doubled revenues, created a new product offering that continued to grow in demand. This also improved customer relationships as the customers felt “listened to”.