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BricConsulting helps Owners, CEO`s and Sales Executives grow their business. We help entrepreneurs realize their dream of growing their business by planning and executing their growth plan especially skilled at overcoming the obstacles that get in the way. BricConsulting will help you realize your dream by providing strategic and tactical solutions that are easily implemented to deliver growth. Hire us on retainer, by the hour, on a part-time basis or on a full-time basis to help grow your organization

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BricConsulitng Helps you Grow Your Business

When something is important or high risk, you hire a professional. What is more important and higher risk than your revenues. Hire a professional

Why it works!

We partner with growing businesses in all industries in organizations large and small. When you choose BricConsulting, you get the most efficient, effective, and affordable professional growth services that increase businesses revenues and profits.

What Makes BricConsulting Different

Helping you with solutions, methodologies or hands on effort to grow your business. We are different than other because:
We set targets and strive to surpass them.
We are about results not creating theoretical reports
We provide Mind and Time- creating piece of mind and freeing up your time
20+ years of consulting experience
Holistic solutions that align with your strategy and direction

What Others Are Saying

“very creative team player and was an integral part of the growth agendas for the business“
“Brian is a great visionary for business and product development“
“He has a rare ability to see the big picture which allows him to formulate creative solutions“