World Cup Metrics Predict Outcomes

This years FIFA World Cup is heading into the quarter finals (the final 8) this weekend. So far, the 2014 World Cup has created more fan excitement than ever, especially in North America. This world cup has seen lots more goals scored (averaging 2.8 goals per game vs. 2.3 in 2010). There are lots of great statistics in football (like all sports) ball possession, shots, shots on goal, distance run, penalties, etc.
Much like in business, if you watch your metrics, compare to the norms, look for trends, take action to improve key numbers where you think you need to improve, and take appropriate action, well, you will come out on top.
Most organizations or business owners, don’t set targets, don’t set up metrics to measure, at most they look at their final numbers, income for the year, how much money is in the bank, or what projects got completed. But what should have they worked on, could they have made more income, if you have targets, metrics set up to measure them and the right metrics created so you understand what is happening and what needs to be done to improve things, You will obviously do better than someone who just sits by and waits to see what happens.
What would you call professional sports team doesn’t track their performance and have a coach who makes changes along the way when the game plan is not delivering the targeted numbers. That would be your rec team or your beer league, not a professional team. So is your business a professional business or a hobby? The good news is you get to choose.
Oh and if the metrics tell the story, Brazil will win the world cup according to most experts. So I guess now it all lies on their coaching staff and players to watch the numbers and make the adjustments needed to win.
Enjoy the world cup and keep your business a professional one and not a hobby.

Perceived Level of Customer Service

I just had a great reminder while I was vacationing on a cruise ship. Cruise ships provide a perceived or expected level of customer service. On board there were times when staff solved problems and delivered an adequate level of service but they didn’t deliver the expected level of customer service we had experienced on past cruises which left my group feeling left short. It likely has cost the cruise lines 6 customers who won’t use them again. The business lesson is to always deliver better than industry standard levels of customer service. You must beat the customers perceived level, not just provide a decent level of customer service.

The Business tool that help win the Super Bowl

The Seattle Seahawks used innovative techniques that help them win the Super Bowl.

Anyone familiar with the Seattle Seahawks knows very well about the 12th man for the team. American National Football League rules limit the number of players on the field to 11, Seattle has a 12th man, it’s fans.  

The Seattle Seahawks use their fans to their advantage better than other NFL teams. Seattle has retired the number 12 jersey and has done so in honour of their fans. As the team enters the stadium to start a game, they wave the 12th man flag to honour their fans.  They take having fan support to a new level.   Is it any wonder they have the loudest fans in the league.

So, how does this relate to your business? Well businesses have fans too, we call them customers. The question I asked you is, what is your business doing to support your biggest fans, your best customers?

How can you get your fans to become part of your team and contribute to your results like Seattle Seahawks have done?

Customers can contribute to your business, if you give them the opportunity and if you recognize them for their efforts. Here are what these fans of your business can do for you

•        your customers can bring in referrals,

•        your customers can help spread the word about your business via mouth-to-mouth marketing,

•        Your customers can participate in loyalty programs to keep customers coming back and rewarding them

•        Your customers can provide you great marketing information, as you get to know them better and better.

•        Customers can provide you with testimonials

•        Some businesses goes as far as having customer advisory groups were customers are engaged in the designing of products through their feedback to change or improve products or services of the business itself

A great way to get started along this path is to recognize the fact that your customers are your businesses fans , that alone is a big part of what Seattle does.  Then you might want to start creating a customer list which can be a start to collect information about your fans.  Remember not all fans are created equal, You may want to segment your fans, figure out who are your best fans and figure out how to get more of them.

There are lots and lots of things that these customers can do to help boost on your business and increase your revenues and profits so be creative.

 So raise a flag (literally) in your business for your customers. What are you going to put up, set up or do to recognize your fans!

Go team go!!!!

8 Quick Questions – Your Opinions Matter.

Please answer a quick 8 question survey on Foundations Small Business Association (FSBA)

Please take 2 mins, follow the link below and complete the survey.

We are trying to get your thoughts on how the FSBA will work the best.

thanks in advance.


Foundations Small Business Association

BricConsulting is proud to announce the creation of Foundations Small Business Association.  The FSBA will offer a variety of high value services at a very low cost.  Members of the FSBA will benefit from a wide variety of benefits designed to increase the success of small businesses by addressing the reasons most don’t prosper.  Most small businesses fail because of poor planning or poor execution of their plan.  The FSBA addresses this by

Creating a Strategic Touchstone

  • Which capture and displays the current business plan in a one page “infographic” and includes the key area of the business, key success factors and the current plans to achieve the plans.

Monthly One to One Sessions

  • The monthly 1 to 1’s will be a session with Brian Crew, CEO of BricConsulting and the client to ensure the ensure the success of the plan and goals.

Monthly HoTopiX Information Sessions

  • The HoTopiX will be an information session on a key topic for small business owners by a Subject Matter Expert. 

EasyAccess To Proven Business Services

  • Members will have access to the FSBA’s network of proven Business Service Providers all at a discounted rate

Newsletter and ToolBox

  • Members will have access to the toolbox of models, templates and forms easily customizable for their business as well they will receive the monthly newsletter capturing important information regarding the FSBA and their small business.

Peer Networking

  • Each member will join a group of non-competitors for networking purposes and will have time together each month.  

The FSBA provides all the necessary elements to help support small businesses by supplying what they need to enhance their success and achieve their goals.