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Foundations Small Business Association

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

BricConsulting is proud to announce the creation of Foundations Small Business Association.  The FSBA will offer a variety of high value services at a very low cost.  Members of the FSBA will benefit from a wide variety of benefits designed to increase the success of small businesses by addressing the reasons most don’t prosper.  Most small businesses fail because of poor planning or poor execution of their plan.  The FSBA addresses this by

Creating a Strategic Touchstone

  • Which capture and displays the current business plan in a one page “infographic” and includes the key area of the business, key success factors and the current plans to achieve the plans.

Monthly One to One Sessions

  • The monthly 1 to 1’s will be a session with Brian Crew, CEO of BricConsulting and the client to ensure the ensure the success of the plan and goals.

Monthly HoTopiX Information Sessions

  • The HoTopiX will be an information session on a key topic for small business owners by a Subject Matter Expert. 

EasyAccess To Proven Business Services

  • Members will have access to the FSBA’s network of proven Business Service Providers all at a discounted rate

Newsletter and ToolBox

  • Members will have access to the toolbox of models, templates and forms easily customizable for their business as well they will receive the monthly newsletter capturing important information regarding the FSBA and their small business.

Peer Networking

  • Each member will join a group of non-competitors for networking purposes and will have time together each month.  

The FSBA provides all the necessary elements to help support small businesses by supplying what they need to enhance their success and achieve their goals.